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  Modern energy, being the key component of stable development of world economy, is the complex dynamic system with changing trends, new alternatives and growing uncertainty of the perspective development. These conditions determine the necessity in the forecasting of long-term development of global energy. Currently, the development of quantitative forecasts of world economy development is fulfilled, generally, using statistical and expert methods; modeling objects include aggregated sectors of fuel and energy complex (oil, gas, etc.). At the same time, the result of world economy operation, along with a state policy, technological progress and other factors, is determined by the behavior of many companies which have individual strategies and acts independently of each other.
Thus, abstraction of modeling object to the level adopted in the sector results in ignoring of many important aspects in activities of energetic company preventing from adequate modeling and forecasting of processes in the industry. Forecast methodology will be established and world energy development forecast will be developed for the first time to level the aforesaid problem, using agent-oriented approach which currently is the most advanced instrument of computer simulation modeling.      
Our Company will participate in this Project as a humanitarian organization.


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