Saturday, July 02, 2022

Our company is an official supplier of a wide range of gas turbines and gas micro turbines for energy production from leading European manufacturers. This allows our partners and the clients to be competitive in many market criteria: efficiency, power, reliability, flexibility, using of different type of fuel,  environmentally acceptable emissions,  and cost-effective solutions  for the purchase and maintenance.

As an alternative to gas turbines, we offer our clients an ORC plant (Organic Rankine Cycle technology) used for recycling waste heat and industrial heat recovery system of exhaust  gases of turbine engines.

We also offer a full range of services including - design, manufacturing, commissioning and after sale services.  Availability of standard configurations and modular solutions provides fast and cost-optimal delivery, erection and commissioning of equipment.


Our company is engaged in the development and implementation of business projects in the oil, gas and construction industries. Here you can see some of our projects. Read more...


Petroline GmbH
Ihar Zhykh
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60329 Frankfurt

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