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AE-T100E MicroTurbine, Externally Fired                                                                                                 

Extern Fired 3.jpgThe EFGT (Externally Fired Gas Turbine) version of the AE-T100, also called “AE-T100E” is a system that derives from a partly completed standard AE-T100 by replacing the combustion chamber with a special piping assembly that enables the connection with a high temperature heat exchanger, installed inside the external boiler(*). The system has been designed to combine all the advantages of a micro gas turbine with the opportunity to exploit different energy sources as, for instance, biomass burner or solar concentrator. The use of an external boiler allows to obtain the thermal energy required to operate the gas turbine from the combustion of different sources of biomass (wood, forest waste, animal manure, sewage sludge, etc.) The final system is therefore essentially composed by an external boiler(*) that uses a high-temperature heat exchanger(*) to transfer the thermal energy to a micro gas turbine, that operates in an open “Brayton” cycle. Due to the split-up between combustion and evolving fluid (air), this system allows the use of solid fuels/waste fuels otherwise not usable in small size plants based on gas turbines. The low maintenance requirements of the AE-T100E, with service intervals of 6,000 operating hours, makes this power generation system extremely attractive and competitive when compared to more conventional solutions. Each AE-T100E configuration can be delivered in specific layouts for indoor or outdoor installation.Both layouts meet current regulations limits for noise and emissions. All AE-T100 can be remotely monitored, controlled and operated.

(*): Not supplied by Ansaldo energia

Extern Fired 1

 Extern Fired 2







      Scheme of a solar Cycle system with cogeneration                                                                                 Scheme of a biomass Cycle system with cogeneration


Available Versions

Power Only (P), Combined Heat & Power (CHP)
AE-T100E model is a partly completed machinery
AE-T100E does not include any external heat exchanger and/or biomass boiler / solar concentrator

Installation                                                                                    Indoor / Outdoor – Site temperature range: (-10 ÷ +40) °C
Size (WxHxL)                                                                                900 x 1900 / 3300* x 2770 mm (P) - 900 x 1900 / 3300* x 3900 mm (CHP)
AE-T100E weight                                                                         2250 / 2750* kg (P) - 2770 / 3100* kg (CHP)
Hot air flow connection kit - weight (additional)                     200 kg
Hot air flow connection kit - width (additional)                       830 mm
Fuel                                                                                                External heat-source only

(*) indoor / outdoor layout

Compressor type                                                                        Centrifugal, single stage
Turbine type                                                                                  Radial, single stage
Number of shafts                                                                        1 (single shaft)
Rated rotational speed                                                              70000 RPM

External Heat Source
Max Turbine Inlet Temperature (TIT) =
= Max external heat source outlet temperature                       830 °C
External heat exchanger max pressure drop                          200 mbar

Electrical data
Frequency output                                                                          400/230 V AC, 50 Hz (60 Hz on request)
Voltage output                                                                                400 V (AC), three phases

Max rated electrical output                                                            < 75 kWel
Electrical Efficiency                                                                        Depending on the external heat source
Exhaust air temperature                                                               Depending on the external heat source
Rated air flow                                                                                 < 0.80 kg/s
Average sound pressure                                                             ≈ 72 dB(A) @ 1 m


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