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DeVeTec’s ORC process is based on a conventional closed steam circuit. This process, known as Organic Rankine Cycle, was named after the Scottish physician and engineer William Rankine (1820-1872), who is considered one of the founders of thermodynamics.

The particularity of the procedure used by DeVeTec lies in the fact that DeVeTec uses an organic fluid  such as alcohols, (silicone) oils,or refrigerant fluids possessing more efficient thermodynamic properties than water. Consequently  it is possible to choose the optimal fluid for each application. The cyclic process always follows the same basic principle. The waste heat from the process or a related heat source is used for the evaporation of an organic fluid in a cyclic process with a moderate pressure. The fluid is then expanded down to a lower pressure in an expander, fed to a condenser and subsequently compressed to the higher pressure before evaporating.

For this purpose, DeVeTec has developed an ORC steam expansion piston engine with a very large pressure difference which can be run profitably within a range from 50 to 270 kWel. Waste heat from your production processes is more precious than ever. Refine it by using the new ORC technology by DeVeTec. You shall gain up to 100% more energy than with comparable systems.

Examples of waste heat sources:

  • Burning or indirect heating of the biomass or biogas
  • Exhaust gas of Turbines & Microturbines
  • Process gases & production processes
  • Heat from conventional fuel sources: coal, coal mine methane, APG/Flare Gas

Our arguments to persuade you:

Highest possible energy generation:

  • Highest efficiency (electrical & thermal) with reference to the emitted heat
  • Higher yield of electricity and useful heat from your precious process heat
  • Simultaneous use of the ORC-process waste heat at a level of 75°C and higher if needed.
  • This waste heat will be at your disposal for many of your processes or for heating purposes

High profitability:

  • Industrial users have confirmed: in case of simultaneous use of produced heat: Payback time
  • Less than 3 years
  • An attractive Payback time of less than 5 years for mere electricity production
  • The own production of electricity is free from EEG allocations or other taxes
  • Already implemented: system running without supervision with highest security standards in a large power station
  • Scalable engine power from 100 - 200 kWel
  • No interference with your production processes by using ORC-technology

Ecological benefit:

  • No additional fuels required
  • CO2-neutral and emission free generation of electricity

One engine design for different power classes (50- variable-270 kW)
Excellent partial load behaviour with volatile heat streams (especially industrial heat streams)
An engine design for different ORC media
High overall electrical efficiency (>12%)
ORC efficiency (> 18%)
Available thermal energy (Tout, ideal = 75°C)
Adjustable cooling water temperature (Tout = 50-120°C)
No thermal oil circuit necessary
No recuperator necessary


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